Harvest Duathlon Rules

The race will be chip timed. Chips must be returned immediately after the race. There will be a $30 charge for unreturned chips. Bikers and runners are responsible for following route signage. Participation in this event is at the participants own risk.


  • Individuals and Teams will receive a chip packet at Packet Pickup, which will contain a bib number and a velcro strap with a chip attached.
  • The bib number should be displayed on the front of the body.
  • The chip and strap must be worn on the ankle (left ankle is suggested) throughout the entire race.
  • Teams will receive one chip, which must be transferred to the next team member’s ankle at each transition.
  • The chip must be returned at the finish line or the participant will be charged $30.


  • Only duathletes and race staff are allowed in the transition area/bike corral.  No assistance is allowed in the transition area.
  • Bikes cannot get on the bike until they are out of the transition area.
  • For team competition: The biker will be located in a designated area in the transition area.  The runner will transfer the chip strap to the biker.


  • Bikers must wear a bike helmet and have it clipped at all times.  No participation is allowed without a bike helmet.
  • No listening devices are allowed on the bike course.
  • Bikers must yield right-of-way to vehicles.
  • Course will be marked with white paint on the road, signs along the course, and volunteers.
  • No drafting (no warning). No biker may be closer than two bike lengths behind or six feet to either side.  Bikers have 15 seconds to pass.
  • Penalty is 10 minutes added to overall time per violation.


  • Cyclists must get off the bike at the entrance to the transition area.  Bikers will wheel their bike to their spot in the transition area to ensure safety.
  • For the team competition, the runner will pull the chip strap off their biker’s ankle and put it on their own ankle.


  • There will be directional arrows at all corners.


  • Race results will be posted before the awards presentation.  Any questioning of results must be made a half hour before the awards presentation.
  • Results are final after that point.
  • The awards presentation and prize drawing will be located near the finish line at approximately 12:30 p.m. or just after the last participant has finished.
  • Results will be available after the race here or at Endurance Promotions.


  • If someone scratches at any time, please let a volunteer know.  This needs to get called into the base station as soon as possible.  Please return the chip strap to the finish area.
  • Please communicate any injuries of fellow participants to the next volunteer on the course as well as someone at the finish line/transition site.
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